WHO sharted?

I am A little weird

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Do you ever memorize a person’s voice? Like you can construct a sentence in your mind that that person’s never said, and yet you hear them say it.

Is that a thing people can do?????????


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Nash Grier compilation of comebacks

"he probably shaves her arms while she sleeps"

'Tumblr is hate free' AHAHAHAHAHAAHAH

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Anonymous asked: yeaah i hope

Yeah don’t worry people like that are just god i don’t even know

Anonymous asked: i wouldn't, they're fucked up and their blog made me sick

I’ve seen it and pretty sure it’s a troll man don’t sweat it anon they’re stoopid


As a feminist I speak for women. 

They are 3 billion woman. We are their voice. 
Anyone who says I am wrong is stupid for disagreeing with me. 

I’m the voice of 3 billion people as a feminist, so 3 billion people called you stupid. 

The power of feminism. 

So I’m pretty certain this is a troll but even so bae you aren’t the voice of women you are just some girl a mumble in the void you wanna do something about the things you feel are wrong don’t fucking cry about it on tumblr do something active outside of tumblr

Anonymous asked: if you read their blog.. it's more than misinformed.. :/

I don’t even dare to look at their blog

Anonymous asked: yeah it probably wasn't a joke, either their just fucked up in the head and have like a couple months before they're put in a asylum or they are just a troll

I wouldn’t say fucked in the head but misinformed for sure


Men. Cause. Rape. 

I don’t get why people still think it is okay to be a man. 

I pray this is a joke I just pray


guys. now that my eyes have recently been opened to the otherkin community and lifestyle, i have discovered my true identity.

i am


Anonymous asked: you hate on white people but ur white??????????? don't give me that "im Asian on the inside" crap bc that's dumb as shit ok. stop trying to be a special snowflake and grow up.


i know that i’m white and white people have privilege and i yell at myself every night for being white god. you think it’s so easy to be me but you dont know about all of my struggles! you just make fun of me bc you don’t understand who i am.

I will pray for you